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Verónico Cruz

Verónico Cruz

(La Deuda Interna)

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106 minutes

DVD in Spanish with English subtitles.

Spanish Lesson Plan

In Verónico Cruz, a teacher arrives to work in a desolate area of northern Argentina where he meets a young man brought up in near isolation. He tries to help this young man open up and see the world. By the same token, the teacher learns more than what he bargained for as they travel to the city to learn more about the disappearance of the young man’s father. We see the hardships of the poor and abandoned and the enduring, unforgiving legacies of ignorance and subjugation with the Falkland Wars as the political backdrop. IMDB

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Director: Julio Lencina and Sasha Menocki

Cast: Juan José Camero, Gonzalo Morales

Audio: DVD in Spanish with English subtitles.

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