" Apprendre une langue à travers le film "

Bon Voyage

Set in 1940’s France just prior to the German occupation of Paris, Bon Voyage is a farce, murder mystery, political drama, period piece and more. Viviane (Isabelle Adjani), a stunning but manipulative actress, kills a former lover and lets her childhood friend Frédéric take the blame. She seduces the French prime minister (Gérard Depardieu) on the eve of World War II. Frédéric escapes prison and he, along with his jailbreak partner, meets a physics student who is trying to get a scientific discovery out of the country before the Germans can lay their hands on it. And then there’s the suspicious journalist Winckler and the revenge-crazed nephew of the man Viviane murdered. This is a madcap adventure steeped in history that will leave you breathless. 2003, 115 minutes, MPAA rating: PG-13, DVD in French with no English subtitles.

  • $29.95