" Aprendiendo un idioma a trav├ęs del cine "

Marcelino pan y vino (The Miracle of Marcelino)

Told as an allegory by a country priest, The Miracle of Marcelino is the story of a Spanish foundling left at the gates of a Franciscan monastery inhabited by 12 kindly monks. Unable to find the baby's parents or a suitable adoptive home, the monks choose to defy convention and rasie him themselves. Marcelino grows into a solitary but mischievous five-year-old whose pranks eventually cause the monks to face eviction from their home. During this crisis, Marcelino discovers a life-sized image of the crucified Christ in the monastery's forbidden attic and begins bringing him bread and wine. The sacred figure comes to life, taking sustenance and talking to the boy. The film climaxes with the miracle that transforms Marcelino into a saint. 1955, 98 minutes, MPAA rating: NR (would be G if it were rated) DVD with Spanish or English sound track and optional Spanish and English subtitles.

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