Schulz und Schulz (Schulz and Schulz)

Twin brothers Walter and Wolfgang Schulz, still small children at the time, were separated in 1945 in the confusion of the remaining days of the war. Neither one knows if the other is still alive. The two have many similar characteristics. Both work in advertising. Walter works as a graphic artist in the East German town of Stralsund. Wolfgang, on the other hand, works for a company in Hamburg in West Germany. By sheer coincidence, the two brothers find out about each other through a television broadcast. They finally meet and decide to surreptitiously switch places for one day. However, what was supposed to be only one day turns into several turbulent weeks of living in the other’s shoes. In Schulz & Schulz you have a mixture of suspense, comedy, drama and a lot of humanity—all set within the background of the two German states. 1989, 100 minutes, MPAA rating: NR (would be PG if it were rated), in German with no subtitles.

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