" L'apprendimento delle  lingue attraverso il cinema "

Cinema Paradiso

This film tells the story of a young boy in a small Italian village where the only pastime is a visit to the movies at the Cinema Paradiso. Enchanted by the flickering images, Salvatore yearns for the secret of the cinema's magic and is overjoyed when Alfred, the projectionist, agrees to reveal the mysteries of movie making to him. As their friendship grows, so does Salvatore, growing older with his good friend and the movies he adores, learning from both of them how to court his first love, and dreaming of one day making movies of his own. When the day comes for Salvatore to leave the village and pursue his dream, Alfredo makes the young man promise to never look back, to keep moving forward. And so he does, for 30 years, until the day a message arrives that beckons him back home to a secret, beautiful discovery that awaits him there. 1988 and remastered in 2002, 174 minutes for video, MPAA rating: R for remastered version (original version is not rated but would be PG-13 if rated) Video in Italian with English subtitles, DVD includes original version with Italian and French language tracks and English subtitles (121 minutes), remastered version includes Italian language track and subtitles in English (174 minutes).

  • $29.95