" Apprendre une langue à travers le film "

Roi lion (The Lion King)

This saga which takes place in the majestic Serengeti tells the story of the love uniting a lion king, Mufasa, and his son, Simba, a naïve and and curious cub who is anxious to become king. But Simba's envious uncle, Scar, waits for his time in the company of his accomplices, the hyenas. Their plot to overthrow the throne ends in tragedy and forces Simba to go into exile from the kingdom which is his by right. With his friends Pumbaa and Timon, Simba adopts the lifestyle of "Hakuna Matata." Will the wise and mystical Rafiki, an old baboon, be able to convince Simba to come back and claim his true destiny in the "circle of life?" 1994, 88 minutes, MPAA rating: G, DVD in English, French and Spanish withFrench, Spanish and English subtitles.

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