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About FilmArobics

FilmArobics started in 1994 as a challenge to two teachers who received a French film without subtitles, “Cyrano de Bergerac." Judy Sugarman and Nan Ward broke up the movie into 10-15 minute segments so they fit into class periods and created plans that addressed all learning styles. For almost two decades Judy continued to publish lesson plans expanding from French into Spanish, German, Italian, and English. In 2014 she decided to retire from FilmArobics selling the company to Bert Neumaier.

An accomplished world language teacher and K-12 program supervisor with over 40 years of experience, Bert was chosen the 1987 Connecticut Teacher of the Year. In 1991 he was a recipient of the national Milken Educator Award. Bert has also been a world language methods instructor for the CT Alternate Route to Certification since 2000 having trained approximately 400 teachers for the WL classroom.

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